Clifford Vance Cast, of Delta Trading Group, Suggests Learning Market Fundamentals First

Understanding the basics of investment markets has long been seen as a daunting task. Although there is plenty to gain by becoming your own broker and account manager, there’s also a lot to understand. That’s why right now — while the world inches toward recovery — is the time to start learning a new skill that can keep income flowing while primary jobs are on hold. Clifford Vance Cast from Delta Trading Group is a long-standing advocate of futures trading and through his proprietary program, newcomers can start to get in on the action.

The stay-at-home orders linked to the coronavirus pandemic have eliminated tens of millions of jobs across the U.S. Contrast this with well-performing money markets and some who are still seeking work may be wondering “what gives?” For example, reports on July 29, 2020 indicate that investors are closely watching a tech giant hearing in Washington, D.C. as well as a Federal Reserve decision that could alter interest rates. Add to that “rising coronavirus counts in many states” as well as a bipartisan agreement on unemployment benefits in the U.S. and its easier to see why equity futures were “swinging between gains and losses” at the end of July. Delta Trading Group, on the other hand, has seen a surge in demand during the past few months and hired 30 new people during the COVID-19 pandemic.

What Clifford Vance Cast wants readers to understand, and what Delta Trading Group show us, is that learning the fundamentals of the futures market makes for better results in the long run. Potential members of Delta Trading Group must attend at least two live sessions. Prospective members must complete these, prior to committing to purchase and becoming a full member.. This may sound like it’s slowing down the process, but it’s the stepping stone needed by those who are just learning about commodities traded on the futures market. Those frequently-traded assets include commodities like raw materials and agricultural goods as well as financial products like bonds, loans and shares.

It’s possible to begin your futures trading career today – but Delta Trading Group but Delta Trading Group still suggests some prudence. Hedging uneducated bets on futures commodities with nothing but past performance as your guide isn’t going to end well. Clifford Vance Cast from Delta Trading Group says the DIY approach is possible; it’s just best to first learn the fundamentals of the futures market and signs of upcoming value fluctuations.

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